Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hyper Teachers and Invisible People

When you have a hyper ballroom teacher, that is a sign that all can go horribly awful, or awkwardly well. And in my case, it was somewhere in between. Like when he wouldn't let me go get food or go to the bathroom (which I actually had to do!) and did his horrifying hip moves, that was horribly awful. But when he did cartwheels that were super funny and said stupidly funny jokes, that was the awkwardly well part. And so, in the whole, if your ballroom teacher has ADD, then just avoid giving him any sugar whatsoever (because I'm pretty sure that that's what made him hyper in the first place! Not that I'm saying names or anything but uh...*cough Jr. cough Varsity cough girls*).

And when you're math teacher is in a good mood, take advantage of it!! Go visit the class two doors down, but be warned: Do not, under any circumstances, give your phone to boys under the age of 14. They will watch The Office on Netflix and deplete your battery into nothingness. Unless you're smart, and bring your charger like T. Then during lunch it will be depleted into more nothingness when you try to Skype sick people with T and then also try to see certain sticky notes which M and P are looking at. Which will result in invisible people and getting locked out of buildings:) Story of my life! Haha:)

Then go ahead and give your all in basketball practice, because you know that when you're done, you can go home and get some sleeeeeep. Wonderful, amazing, delightful sleep. And get it done before 10!! Which brings you to your new record of earliest bedtime:)

So enjoy your dreams, and make sure you don't miss the bus tomorrow!!

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