Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brains and Angels and Jars With Mustaches

Lately, my days have begun with going to bed too late, waking up too early, and sleeping in English. Smart moves, right? Especially now that we are beginning the four-page boring reading material with the graphic organizers again. And even maps this time too!! Yippee!! (That was sarcasm, in case you didn't notice;) But school was school, where we put up with high schoolers every day with smiles on our faces and artificial fear behind that. And get wonderful stripey hoop earrings that are HUGE. And have fun!!

But bus rides by far are the best. Especially when you have people jumping over seats and certain people (J) eating other peoples brains (Mine). Oh yes, life is just dandy when you're brain is half-eaten!! And when you see certain people laughing and talking with themselves with Y, whose real name is Z, you realize that maybe the bus is the part of the day that just...makes your day:) For other people too:) I think you know who you are...(Hint hint, P)

And after having amazing bus rides, going to the library is always a great thing to do to!! Especially for the Teen Volunteer Board Meetings, where you can find out a lot about yourself by playing Apples to Apples...haha:) and then after that, going up and down elevators and telling random people things like "We are perfect innocent angels!" That, and cracking up at summary's about "Bella...overwhelming attractions...exquisitely handsome boy...not wholly human...",  and about Goddess Girls in Beast-ology class:) And might I not forget making wall angels while the security guard stares at you like you're a certified whacko. Days of my life right there...*content sigh*

And to end the day off with a wonderful activity at Mutual, where you'll learn that the other Young Women are great actors and wonderful artists:) And then getting jars with mustaches on them. I have the best leaders EVER. But what I want to do is play Monopoly Revolution, which looks like the best game to ever be on the planet and which I really want to play!! Oh triple A batteries, how I long for you!! But yes, all in all, I believe that Brains and Angels and Jars With Mustaches can make your day:)

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  1. Wow that was confusing! I had to read it 3X! I want a mustache jar! Haha.